If you're here for robotics FRC scouting
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Create, Collect, Analyze, and Visualize data like a professional
Stop spending so much time setting up forms. connecting them to databases, and doing engineering. Spend less time with data, find insights faster, and make them look better with Real Life Data.
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Data Systems for
You and Your Team
cloud_done Automated Cloud
Automate your data and move it to the cloud with no experience
insights Insights
See new Insights and Analyze your data to inform your decision-making process
groups Audience Focus
Customize your data visualizations to your audience
code_off No Code
No coding is required. Just use our drag-and-drop interface and RLD does all the hard work
account_tree Workflow
Integrate into existing and create new workflows using our connectors and data importing/exporting
phone_iphone Ditch Clipboards
Ditch your clipboard and start inputting data with your phone. Once you're done, use your phone to view your data.
Real Life Data is THE Solution for:
Small Businesses
We can service all your data needs in one. Gather and analyze data like a large business without hiring tons of engineers and data scientists. No need to build a whole data system yourself, our platform will build it for you. Improve your business compliance, sell more, and market intelligently with RLD
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Field Work
Speed up your fieldwork, become more accurate, and see insights immediately from anywhere. Whether you are doing field research or large-scale fieldwork, get a data solution to keep track of your field data like an enterprise-size company. More accurate, better insights, faster, all for less.
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Learn all about your competition, see their stats and data in real time, scout multiple robots at once, and plan out your match strategy. Even collect data when connections are spotty or you have no connection at all.
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Sports Teams
Scout multiple players at once. Have all your inputs on a single screen for easy access with fewer mistakes and missed plays. Get time-sensitive information and learn about how players use their time on the field. See comprehensive stats for each player including where they shoot, how often they score from each location, their defensive effectiveness, and much more.
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Improve your efficiency and make dense forms for complicated processes and machines. Use all types of devices for data input into a single database or multiple. Keep track of all this in real-time and at a fraction of the cost.
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Graphical Data Collection/Form
Create completely customized data collection apps and forms for your target users to enter data into. Make them for any device, online or offline. They automatically fit into the RLD system with no coding required.
Tools that make up the RLD platform
Digital Form Creation Tools
Create professional, customized, dense, comprehensive digital forms for users to fill out on any device using our input form creator.
Data Set Manipulation Tools
See all the sets of data that automatically populate from your forms and connectors. Edit, add, and change the data inside your data sets. Even add new ones!
Data Analysis Tools
Create calculations that automatically run on data put into your system. Anything as simple as an average to a multi-topographical groupby calculation with no experience needed.
Visualization Creation Tools
Visualize your data by using our graph and table creation tools. Put together multipe graphs and tables to send them to other users or print out multi-page reports.
Price Plans
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About RLD
Real Life Data, also know as RLD, is a startup from Austin, Texas. The founders of RLD had run in to many problems collecting data in the past while doing research, school work, and robotics competition scouting. While solving this problem, each time it became clear that a general, and very convinient solution to this problem was possible. After spending a year on a proof of concept they decided to start working on a real, full blown GUI solution to the problem. Since 2019 they have continued to use the proof of concept to help solve this problem for others while creating a real product to replace it.