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Everything You Need to Easily Create
Your Own Scouting App Every Year
web Web Based SaaS
cloud_upload Automatic Data Storage
list_alt Form Creation
insights Graph Creation
calculate Statistics Engine
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How FRC Teams Use RLD
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Create A Form
Scout Teams
Define Calculations
Visualize Data
Share Data
Teams create forms, give them to students to scout with in the stands where the data gets automatically sent to RLDs cloud infrasturcture OR stored offline. Next you can make graphs tables and dashboards, then share them with your coaches, drivers, and team to see all you stats in real time! Use this to come up with strategies for matches and pick better alliances.
Teams use RLDs app/form creation tools to create all types of scouting forms, from qualitative and quantitative to pit scouting and more! Make these forms to give to student to scout robots in the stands during matches or in the pits before matches.
One you have your form created, take all the raw input and begin defining/creating calculations such as total contributed score, average items scored, average cycle time, percent hang and more! Even use advanced data concepts like groupbys to help get more useful statistics per robot and create weighted ranking systems. We will run all the calculations automatically for you!
Easily share your forms with anyone by link or RLD account. Share them with scouters in the stands and have them watch and submit forms. Share them with your pit scouter and have them go to each team and ask questions about their robot while filling out the form.
Use our graph and table editors to easily create complex graphs and tables that help show important pieces of data: score over time, hang percentage, starting postition, etc. Then use these tables and graphs to make dashboards that more quickly show off many metrics at once.
Share your graphs, tables, and dashboardd with your drivers, coaches, and team to help improve strategy, pick better alliances and win more often. Even share your data with other teams to show off your impressive scouting app!
RLD has tons of features for Robotics Teams
Real Life Data is built for business's to collect real world data, and we have a full featureset to enable you and your team
schedule Real-Time
cloud Cloud-Based
wifi_off Offline Capable
code_off No Code
water_drop Drag-n-Drop
devices Works on all devices: IOS, Android, Mac, and PC
edit Complete Creative Freedom: edit everything
description Use existing apps with our templates
description Create app templates
link FMS/Blue Alliance Integration
image Image Upload
cloud_upload Automatic Data Storage
import_export Export and Import Datasets
route Plot Robot Paths for Teleop & Auto
manage_search Tools to manage and edit data
psychology AI data checking
verified_user Reliability
Create Your Own Forms
Create Forms for Scouting Robots Every Match
Get the basic info like team number, auto start position, items scored, event timings, and more! Integration with the Field Management System and Bue Alliance into your form to make scouting more seamless.
Create Forms for Advanced, Qualitative Analysis
Get complex information like robot auto paths, heatmaps of pickup positions, timings for specific events to build cycle times, and more! Empower your team to not only have all the stats on robot performance but all the qualitative metrics that allow you to build a successful strategy.
Create Forms for Pit Scouting
Create forms for pit scouting and make it easier to help other teams, plan auto programs, and early competition strategies! Easily update your form from competition to competition without worrying about the rest of your app!
Basic Calculations
Create basic metrics like averages, percents, totals and anything you can imagine writing your own mathematical expressions
Advanced Calculations
Define complex statistical models using Standard deviations, time deltas, and normalization functions
Ranking Calculations
Define ranking metrics and have a list of the best teams in order before you even start your picklist
Create Your Own Visualizations
Create Complex Tables for Data
Create tables that don't only show necessary match and robot metrics, but make tables that help you predict future matches or potential alliances. Make your pick list process shorter and make your match prep process faster!
Create Intuitive and Aesthetic Graphs
Create Graphs that don't only look good but help show off and provide insights into robot trends. Easily make aesthetically pleasing graphs to quickly show information to other teams, coaches, and drivers.
Create Stunning Dashboards
Put your tables and graphs together all in one place! Make dashboards for the different parts of your team: drivers, coaches, scouting team, alliance picking, etc. Make it easy to see everything in one place with many graphs and tables on many tabs. Take your alliance selection and match strategy process to the next level!
About RLD
Real Life Data, also know as RLD, is a startup from Austin, Texas. The founders of RLD had run in to many problems collecting data in the past while doing research, school work, and robotics competition scouting. While solving this problem, each time it became clear that a general, and very convinient solution to this problem was possible. After spending a year on a proof of concept they decided to start working on a real, full blown GUI solution to the problem. Since 2019 they have continued to use the proof of concept to help solve this problem for others while creating a real product to replace it.